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Ohara Sanso

Kyoto Ohara hot spring Hot spring Guesthouse
Minshuku Ohara Sanso

Let’s soak in Ohara hot spring. Ohara hot spring is not very famous but people who know Ohara know there is a beautiful hot spring there.
Just 1 hour from Kyoto station, once you have enter the fold of hills, the idyllic nature surrounded you is just like the image of an old Japanese tales. Ohara Sanso is standing there, surrounded by fold of hills, a place without the noise of a sightseeing place.
Jakkoin temple is very close to Ohara Sanso, however, besides the temple, there is nature only. How about relax yourself at Ohara Sanso sometimes? Ohara Sanso is a non-smoking guesthouse.
About 60 minutes by Kyoto Bus bound for Yase Ohara from JR Kyoto Station. Get off at the final stop, Ohara. Jakkoin temple is 13minutes walk from the bus stop.

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