Foot spa cafe

Guide for Foot spa cafe

Let’s us explain a little bit about Foot spa.
Walking around Ohara is the best spot of traveling Ohara. After a walk, Foot spa café allow you to rest your feet at the hot foot spa while enjoying a drink and listening to BGM. While viewing through the window and soaking your feet in the spa just for 10-20minutes, blood circulation will be as active as you have soaked in a bath. The foot spa café which you can enjoy Ohara landscape from a window is running her business by 1 drink set menu.
Foot spa cafe

Foot spa cafe【1 drink・with towel、maximum stay 40 minutes。】

Hot coffee 990yen
Ice coffee 990yen
100%juice(Orange/grapefruit) 990yen
Mango juice 990yen
Homemade Japanese basil juice 990yen
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