丂仧It is doing the Rakuyaki that risesbakingin
   丂about 10 minutes in Jyakkouingama.

丂仧Please challenge by all meansin the recollection
   丂and importantmemorial day of a trip.

丂仧Even the sales of the Kiyomizuyaki  etc. is doing other than this.

丂仧The customer of the lodging
10% of discounts to Oharasansou.
How to the Rakuyaki
1.Selection 2.Draft 3.Paint
4.Glaze 5.Baking 6.Completion

仛Charge : 1,000yen乣3.200yen

仛Business hours : 9 o`clock

乣17 o`clock

仛Regular holiday : Nothing